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Underbed Heater

Kimberley Camp4Ever underbed heater is great for offroad camping


  • After 10 years of Experience managing under-mattress condensation, we have learnt about 3 main issues; Condensation build-up can be partly managed with expanding under mattress mesh People with allergies are more affected by moisture build-up in mattress bases and mattresses Moisture is difficult to manage when the humidity is high (or raining) We have developed our own under mattress heater that automatically eliminates condensation. It is based on the same technology used in heated car seats - a di-electric membrane with only 2x 12V wires embeded in the edges. The heater uses only 14W for each side of the bed (there are 2 sections). This means for 6 hours use, the power consumption is only 7 Amp Hours per side. The unit has a timer with a programmable start and stop time or a simple manual start/stop. By running in the afternoon before going to bed, the pre-heated bed will be very comfortable on cold nights in the desert!
Kimberley Camp4Ever underbed heater is great for offroad camping

Eliminate Condensation
By heating the mattress directly condensation is greatly reduced.

camp4ever air heater efficient air heating

Safe Heating
The heater uses a dielectric membrane and low voltage so your safety is greatly improved. These systems can be used all night long as you sleep.

safe heating with camp4ever portable air heater

Low Power Consumption
Because this is a 12V system power consumption is very low. This means you stay warmer for longer for less energy.


Convenient to Use
A programmable automatic timer is included so you can set and forget. Just program timer to start and stop when you want maximises comfort and power usage.

remote control for camp4ever portable air heater