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Portable Air Heater

Kimberley Camp4Ever Portable air heater is great for offroad camping


  • Portable Diesel-powered air heater for your caravan or camper trailer
  • Remote Controller for panel mount or cabled
  • Must operate outside the vehicle with hot air ducted inside
  • Low fuel use and quiet operation
Kimberley Camp4Ever PORTABLE air heater is great for offroad camping

Efficient Air Heating
By using a diesel-powered system energy consumption is greatly reduced. This same heater has been used on many Kimberley off-road caravans and camper trailers.

camp4ever air heater efficient air heating

Safe Heating
Diesel power means safety is greatly improved. These systems can be used all night long as you sleep.

safe heating with camp4ever portable air heater

Portable Heating
This unit can be used for your caravan, camper trailer, RV or even the family tent. The heater stays outside & you use flexible heating ducting to pipe toasty warm air inside

portable air heating for RV, caravan or camper trailer

Remote Control
Temperature Adjustment

Comes complete with a remote control that can be used to adjust the desired temperature setting.
(Dial is Cabled or panel mounted)

remote control for camp4ever portable air heater