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80W Flexible Solar Panel

80W Flexible Solar Panel on 4WD


  • Flexible for easy handling and fold up into a compact shape great for travelling. Corners have eyelets so panels can be mounted easily either hanging or flat
  • Mono-crystalline cells – highly efficient & stable
  • Heavy duty carry case – these provide protection for vehicle and panels
  • Security wire – for peace of mind
  • Supercharged Power – MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Supercharger Controller for about 30% more power for your dollar
  • 25 Year Limited Warranty – panels comply to the Australian Standard including a warranty that the PV cell will deliver 80% of the rated output at 25 years. (see our warranty documents)

Fold up and Store with Case
These kits roll up to a compact travelling size so they can be easily stored inside your vehicle. The array and MPPT solar controller fit into a supplied sturdy travel bag complete with handles. In addition is 6m of security wire which can be secured to the vehicle (a lock is not included). This means that theft involves “cutting” which is covered by some insurance policies.

80W Flexible Solar Panel bag

Flexible Array
These kits are flexible so they are easier to store for travelling. The solar cells are bonded to flexible aluminium sheets - these sheets are mounted onto a high-quality canvas backing which doubles as a bag. Hang the solar panels up to generate power then roll up into compact shape for travelling.

80W Flexible Solar Panels flexing

Mono-Crystalline Wafer
The excellent performance of these cells comes from a unique cleaning & texturing process, advanced PECVD film coating technology and silver/silver/aluminium electrode design. This gives zero defects of cell appearance and stable conversion efficiency.

80W Flexible Solar Panel wafers

MPPT Solar Controller
This is a controller with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). MPPT extracts the maximum amount of available power from a Solar Panel array. A battery-based system normally only extracts about 65 to 95% of the power available from the Solar Panel Array. Using an MPPT-type charge controller almost all of this previously unobtainable power is made available for charging the battery.

multiple power point tracking MPPT solar controller

L: 950mm x W: 160mm x D: 40mm
Max Current Output:
6.2A (12V Battery @13.5V)
Power Meter:
Highly durable cordura type flexible material

ONLY 100% Charging
Most solar panel have their controllers mounted to the back of the solar panel for convenience. This causes a voltage DROP between the controller and the batteries and means they can never be fully charged! At Kimberley we ONLY use a system where the controller is close to the battery Learn more...

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