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180W Portable Solar Panel

180W  Portable Solar Panel with 4WD


  • 180W - 2 x 90W panels that "hinge" with rings through eyelets on the side of the panels.
  • Erect on the ground anchored with tent pegs if required for maximum exposure to sun, adjustable angle for best performance, Panels are flexible.
  • Portable kit for is perfect for older Kimberley Kampers off-road camper trailers . Wiring is not built-in with retro-fit and the MPPT controller is supplied as part of the kit.
  • Security wire – for peace of mind
  • Supercharged Power – 20A MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Supercharger Controller for about 30% more power for your dollar.
  • Solar Power: 180W (2x 90W) - Max Current Output: 14A in midday in summer. (At the Kimberley factory in Ballina, middday in May, the test results charging a 12V AGM Battery @13.8V produced a maximum of 12.5 Amps )


ONLY 100% Charging
Most solar panel have their controllers mounted to the back of the solar panel for convenience. This causes a voltage DROP between the controller and the batteries and means they can never be fully charged! At Kimberley we ONLY use a system where the controller is close to the battery Learn more...

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