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120Ah Lithium Battery

Kimberley Camp4Ever 120Ah Lithium battery is great for offroad camping


  • An innovative 120Ah Lithium Battery
  • Easy to install
  • About 1/4 weight of equivalent Deep Cycle AGM Batteries
  • Same footprint as large AGM Battery so suits easy replacement

Longer Cycle Life
Reduce cost over entire life of battery. Much longer cycle life, at least 5 times longer for the same depth of discharge and 5 times more current in or out than AGM batteries.

More Power. Less Weight
Lighter at 25% of the weight of USABLE power capacity because of 90% depth of discharge. can be stored at levels of 20% with no harmful effect on batteries.

Battery Management System
On board Battery Management eliminates need for more complex battery management in vehicles and battery can be stored at levels as low as 20% without damage.

Convenient Size
The footprint and height has been designed to be the same as popular large AGM batteries. This means a simple swap out can occur.
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Replace AGM with Lithium batteries and Achieve significant weights savings
Most modern off-road camper trailers and caravans use AGM batteries. These batteries are a good choice for your average application as they are compact, sealed, low maintenance and can withstand deep cycling (at least 50%). But they are HEAVY. A typical 35Ahr AGM battery can weigh 11kg! This weight quickly stacks up when you consider an average camper trailer or caravan may require 4-6 of them.

Lightweight Lithium batteries are now available to replace these heavy AGMs. The Kimberley 42Ahr Lithium battery shares the same footprint as the 35Ahr AGM batteries Kimberley have supplied for years. These are less than half the weight of the AGMs at only 5kg each! Plus these amazing batteries can be discharged to 90% so you can access so much more of the energy stored within them.

Here's a short example of how much weight you can save with these Lithium Batteries.
Take a 6 x 35Ahr (210Ahr) AGM battery installation in a camper trailer. This would weigh at least 66kg just in batteries alone. Now replace those with Kimberley's lightweight lithium batteries - you only need 4 x 42Ahr (168Ahr) to achieve the same usable capacity. This would weigh only 20kg! That's a saving of 46kg!

Although Lithium Batteries cost more up front, they offer a lower cost per cycle than AGMs in most applications. Lithium Batteries have 96% charge efficiency, whereas AGM is 60%. If you wish to run 12V Air-conditioning, there is no alternative than to use Lithium Batteries. Lithium Batteries and Super-Thin Solar are standard on the Kimberley Kruiser Range and the  Kimberley Eco-suite and Kimberley Karavan Limited Edition. They are an option on the Kimberley Kamper Range.

lithium batteries vs AGM batteries

The first Kimberley field trial was in May 2011. Subsequent Field Trials resulted in this glowing customer report:

“The Kimberley Lithium batteries did survive a punishing trip over 10,000kms of dirt and desert road through Central Australia. Most of the 10,000kms were badly corrugated.  The vibration and heat really tested the strength, structure and performance of the batteries. I have been in this area before and had flooded cell batteries collapse from the vibration and heat. The Lithiums performed impressively in these conditions. They performed to their power outputs and did not give us any area of concern. I have no hesitation in going ‘bush’ with these batteries again and again.”