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CAMP4EVER is an innovative range of sustainable camping products designed and developed by Kimberley for sale in Australia.

Kimberley have over 15 years experience and thousands of offroad trailers with customers which drives their industry-leading innovation. Most of these products have been used in 1,000's of Kamper Trailers or off road Karavans giving invaluable feedback by Australia wide customers.

Where products are manufactured overseas, Kimberley designs the product or in the case of the Fuel cells, Kimberley modifies the product for Australian conditions.

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Having a cold 12V fridge for the entirety of your trip is a travelling essential. Generating enough power to run your 12V fridge can be a real challenge. A great solution is solar panels mounted to the roof of you ute canopy, caravan or pop-top trailer. Read on if you would like a Super-cold fridge in ute with thin film solar panels!

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You can follow our BLOG for weekly articles about getting started with sustainable camping products. Good information about solar panels, fuel cells, LED lighting and more...

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Seasons Geeting to everyone that Kimberley touches and a prosperous New Year.

Ballina is just one of the most picturesque coastal country towns in Australia. The photo above is looking west down the Richmond River from the Ramada Hotel. If you are travelling along the coast, take the new bypass into town for a quiet stop. There is camping near several beaches and other hinterland areas locally.


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Mitsubishi Triton test with the best off road caravan on Friday June 12, 2015

best-off-road-caravan-tested-with-2016-mitsubishi-TritonAustralian Caravan and RV take the new Mitsubishi Triton and the best off road caravan:"On the road, the van tows exceptionally well. Not only does the air suspension soak up the bumps well, but it also buffers the van well in strong cross winds " This is one reason why the writer lists it as the "best off road caravan". The review writer opens with" If there is a more sophisticated off-road caravan built anywhere in the world, I'd be very surprised. The Kimberley Kamper brand has been at the forefront of camper trailer and caravan technology; first innovating the camper trailer and then transforming off road caravans utilising advanced technology . The Toyota Prado friendly, single axle Kruiser S Class is the pinnacle of that development" It is the best off road caravan.

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Save weight – Super thin Solar Camping Panels & Lithium Batteries on Friday March 15, 2013

offroad camping solar panels lithium batteries Kimberley Smart Weight saving is all about reducing weight on your off-road camper trailer, off-road caravan or your 4WD. You can achieve amazing weight savings using super thin solar panels and lithium batteries. To learn more about Kimberley Smart Weight saving watch the short video below. Bruce Loxton, owner of Kimberley Group, takes you on a quick tour overview of the super thin solar panels and lithium batteries you can use to achieve significant weight savings.

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Benefits of best suspension in an off-road caravan or camper trailer on Monday January 12, 2015

"Ride Quality" is a great way to know if you have the best suspension on your off-road caravan or camper trailer. It really is this simple. Lets see if I can do a simple job explaining the linkages between suspension design and ride quality.

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Kimberley 350kg Quad Bike Carrier for first export to China on Thursday July 23, 2015

Quad bike carrier now available on Kimberley off road camper trailerImagine racing in the desert on a Quad bike with your partner holding on behind. Or cruising up a beach around Cape York in a Quad Bike with your fishing gear... too fast for the local 4 legged crocs! Up until now there were limitations of what could be carried on a Kimberley off road camper trailer. With a nominal weight of 350kgs on top and with dual water tanks of 190L plus Jerry cans of 40L for the bike, this model is carrying 550kgs before we add personal goods. However, the 2016 Kimberley Limited Edition and Platinum Models can have this option because of these unique features:

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