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CAMP4EVER is an innovative range of sustainable camping products designed and developed by Kimberley for sale in Australia.

Kimberley have over 15 years experience and thousands of offroad trailers with customers which drives their industry-leading innovation. Most of these products have been used in 1,000's of Kamper Trailers or off road Karavans giving invaluable feedback by Australia wide customers.

Where products are manufactured overseas, Kimberley designs the product or in the case of the Fuel cells, Kimberley modifies the product for Australian conditions.

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Having a cold 12V fridge for the entirety of your trip is a travelling essential. Generating enough power to run your 12V fridge can be a real challenge. A great solution is solar panels mounted to the roof of you ute canopy, caravan or pop-top trailer. Read on if you would like a Super-cold fridge in ute with thin film solar panels!

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You can follow our BLOG for weekly articles about getting started with sustainable camping products. Good information about solar panels, fuel cells, LED lighting and more...

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Seasons Geeting to everyone that Kimberley touches and a prosperous New Year.

Ballina is just one of the most picturesque coastal country towns in Australia. The photo above is looking west down the Richmond River from the Ramada Hotel. If you are travelling along the coast, take the new bypass into town for a quiet stop. There is camping near several beaches and other hinterland areas locally.


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Save weight - Super thin Solar Camping Panels & Lithium Batteries on Friday March 15, 2013

offroad camping solar panels lithium batteries Kimberley Smart Weight saving is all about reducing weight on your off-road camper trailer, off-road caravan or your 4WD. You can achieve amazing weight savings using super thin solar panels and lithium batteries.

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Why it's smart to match wheels & tyres in an off-road camper trailer! on Wednesday August 13, 2014

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matching wheels and tyres of camper trailer to vehicleHow many tyres have you changed in the last 12 months? If you are just driving around a local urban area, the stats would be zero. But if you are on country roads, then probably 1 or 2. However, if you are on poor bush roads then the number climbs above this. It is hard to say and depends on the roads in a particular year and season.

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The lightest, largest & most durable bench-top in an off road caravan on Wednesday August 20, 2014

off road caravan benchtops solid surface IMG 0072Kimberley™ have been using Solid Surface benchtops and tables for 4 years now and they have performed exceptionally well. The good looks combined with functionality make this versatile internal layout a core feature for this off road caravan. Not only does the kitchen boast a sleek and stylish look, but the large size makes it so practical for everyday use. Consider these benefits:

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Prado 150 GX and GXL owners can now tow a 3,000 kg off road caravan on Monday August 18, 2014

Toyota land cruiser prado 150Toyota Prado 150 owners have had the limitation of 2500 kgs towing capacity and 250 kgs ball weight. Now, one of Kimberley's Dealers near Newcastle who specialises in off road vehicles, has the engineering approvals to upgrade the towing capacity of the GX and GXL Models (ONLY) to 3000 kgs.

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